International Education in Ontario

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International education in Ontario is not only about students from foreign countries coming here to study, but also about Ontario students and educators learning abroad. There is a wide variety of ways for students to gain new perspectives on the world through school trips and exchange programs, as well as living and attending school in a different country for a semester or academic year. There are many organizations that offer study abroad programs, both short term and long term, and some enable students to gain Ontario credits overseas. There are often scholarships and other support available for these types of enriching student experiences.

Ontario educators become better and more informed teachers by learning in other countries. A reciprocal yearlong teaching exchange where an Ontario teacher goes to another country and “exchanges” the teaching roles with a teacher from the other country is a rich educational experience and an opportunity to immerse oneself and learn about a whole different educational system. In addition, some organisations offer special opportunities for educators to study during the summer and for travel to learn in other countries.