Reasons Why You Should Study in Ontario

Why Study in Ontario? A World Class Public Education System

  • The member school districts of OASDI are recognized for providing high quality educational programming and encouraging student achievement in a learning environment that is welcoming and safe.
  • The Ontario Curriculum is recognized as one of the best in the world, and more and more students are attending Ontario public schools as international students. Currently, over half of all the approximately 34,000 K-12 international students studying in Canada are doing so in Ontario.

Many Pathways to Opportunities

  • Studying in Ontario offers countless pathways for further study at Canadian universities and colleges, and apprenticeships, and also to working and living in Canada.
  • Ontario is Canada’s most populated province with many more educational institutions than any other province with
    • 20 universities
    • 26 colleges
    • 150 apprenticeship trades
  • With a population of over 13.5 million, Ontario offers more job opportunities than other Canadian province.
  • Studying in Ontario can be a gateway to working and living in Canada, and a potential pathway to immigration to Canada.

A Safe, Welcoming, and Diverse Society

  • Ontario’s public school boards have extensive experience in hosting international students and have policies and practices in place to promote student safety at school, in Homestay and in the local community.
  • Ontario is recognized for its cultural diversity and friendly hospitality to all peoples from all corners of the globe.