Education Pathways for International Students in Ontario

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Beyond the quality education obtained by international students who obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), these students may have the opportunity to reach educational goals through numerous post-secondary pathways in university, college, or by an apprenticeship, and eventually may have options that will lead to a career and living in Canada. There are also possible avenues for those who wish to become Canadian citizens.

The OSSD can open many doors. Ontario is the province with the largest population in Canada and has many more educational institutions than any other province with:

  • 20 universities
  • 26 colleges
  • 150 apprenticeship trades

The government of Ontario has developed a comprehensive international education strategy that recognizes the importance of the pathways to opportunities for international students  beyond the OSSD and is putting measures in place to foster “an integrated, coordinated strategy to link the entire continuum of learning, from K-12 schooling, to postsecondary education and training, to living and working in Ontario.” (p. 25) ( )

It is clear that Ontario welcomes international students and that obtaining an education here can also be a gateway to working and living in Canada, and a potential pathway to immigration to Canada.