Canadian Culture

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Every culture has its own uniqueness; Canadian culture is no different. There are certain stereotypes applied to cultures, some of them are true and some of them are exaggerations. The common features associated with Canadian culture include friendliness and openness to others, as well as fundamental values of on fairness and inclusion. Ontario has its own culture as well , shaped by nature and the environment due to cold temperatures in winter and warm, sometimes humid, summers, and even certain foods such as poutine, maple syrup, or beavertails.

Culture is experienced very differently if you are a tourist compared with actually living within a community for a length of time. Being an international student affords you the special opportunity to live with a Homestay family, make Canadian friends, and attend or graduate from a Canadian school. Canadian teenagers are much like teenagers the world over, but there are some aspects of Canadian teen life which are uniquely special as well. Canadians will not only be willing to share their culture with you but be interested to learn about yours.