Study Abroad Organizations for Ontario Students

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There are both non-profit and for-profit organizations which arrange Learn Abroad experiences for students.  These organizations are well established and are very experienced making the arrangements for a student trip or exchange.  Most offer and require pre-orientation sessions for both students and parents and have procedures in place to ensure student safety and to support students throughout their educational experience overseas.

Visiting the websites of the organizations below will provide an overview of the various programs, the possible destinations, the duration of the Learn Abroad student exchange, as well as details about applying and the cost of the program.  Most of the websites provide student testimonials about the overseas experience.  In addition, Guidance Counsellors and Students Services offices in school have additional information on these types of Study Abroad experiences.

*These organizations/companies do not appear to be non-profit 

The following webpage entitled “Other Opportunities -- Canada and beyond!”  provides a comprehensive list of international opportunities for secondary and university students, as well as educators